Empower street-artists

A smartphone taking a picture of street-art


Stendhal was a French author from the beginning of the 19th century. He is best known for the concept of crystallization which is a poetic version of what technology enables nowadays. The Crystallization process is the operation of the mind which draws from simple discovery, new perfections and imaginary qualities to an admired object or person.


Art has the power to transcend us all at the deepest level. It is also one of the best performing markets.

We are currently witnessing a massive wealth transfer toward decentralized technology. Our goal is to facilitate the digital transition of the art market

What we do

We provide digital tools to Artists so they can live from their craft.

Our first product is called Wallkanda and aims to be a powerful catalyst to unleash the undervalued and constrained segment of art: STREET ART

Who we are

We are the Stendhal team. We are art lovers, pushing social impact through technology.

We are seeking for the most passionate talents, advisors, partners and investors to help us upgrade the art market.